piątek, 4 listopada 2011

WIP: Doctor Whooves custom blindbag poni

One fine day I've decided to try my hand at pony-customizing. I've slaughtered my blindbag Twilight's mane with an exacto knife...and left the poor girl like that for two months, because I've got distracted by other things derp. 
My original plan was to try and make a Griffith poni out of her, but then I've changed my mind and settled for something easier (it is my first time, after all). My bff, Kinya, got me into Doctror Who quite recently, so my next choice was painfully obvious:  
I tried to make him look as similiar to that one background pony character (nicknamed Doctor Whooves by the fans of the show) as possible. While I was somewhat pleased with how his mane and tail turned out, some of the "spikes" got damaged during boiling. Boo! Oh well, shit happens and I was expecting everything to fall apart anyway, so I've decided to carry on with painting him:
This is the result for now. His mane and tail need at least 4 more coats of paint, the eyes need some tweaking (they have two different shapes currently) and the cutiemark is missing, obviously. I need to put this little project on hold, though: I have other things that I want to finish more than this, plus...I've ran out of acrylic paint anyway trololo. 
It's been tons of fun so far, and I think that I will try to make a Godhand Griffith pony out of my RD blindbag, after all. The paint job on her is atrocious anyway, so nothing of value will be lost. 

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