piątek, 4 listopada 2011

WIP: Chiliza's autumn stroll

Modern attire, unlikely surroundings. How odd. 
Felt like painting a tacky pastel gradient in that first one huh. Changed my mind, though: there will be plenty of time for tacky gradient skies later on, yes. 
Man, I love drawing trees. It's so relaxing:
To be finished one day.

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  1. The pastel colors in this image give me such a tranquil feeling, like a very nice winter morning when you ain't got anything better to do than just stroll around and breathe in the cold winter air. c':

    I think you've captured the only positive aspect of winter for me. That takes skill, man. Superskill. Also Chili is adorable. C': >

    I'm pressing Zamiesc komentarz now wether Blogspot likes it or not. I don't trust the Podglad function.