poniedziałek, 27 sierpnia 2012

Chibi pouty Manu, look at him aaaw

A commission I've got from a tumblr artist, Truculent-Sketcher! Amazing quality for a very low price, plus- the artist is really fast! :)

Here's their tumblr: http://truculent-sketcher.tumblr.com/
and here's the commission info page: http://truculent-sketcher.tumblr.com/post/28616427619/commissions

niedziela, 29 lipca 2012


Done on one layer when I was feeling particularly unfabulous a few days ago:
I'm not that fond of mlp anymore, but season one Rarity is still my second favourite pony. Her voice actress is amazing haha.

poniedziałek, 16 lipca 2012

Some Homestuck fanarts progress shots?

 Shameful shipping practices, I guess?:
this one is especially embarassing omg
I also doodled up a Sn0wman some time ago (during my exam session, actually). Although I originally meant it to be a quick-ish paintery doodle, I started to have too much fun with it...creating a, uh, overdone doodle. In restrospect, I wish I made the pose more interesting but oh well. Some progress shots: 
I was simultaneously working on this as well:
But I will have to put it on hold for now in favour of commissions (hopefully!) C:

sobota, 2 czerwca 2012

A bunch of stuff!

That I "drew" during this semester:
^ A kawaii bishie Dwindlu for Motsaenggin
^ A little silly bookmark I drew for my bff back when she had to stay at the hospital :c
^ For the same bff to make her smile, maybe? You see, you see: it's funny because it's River Song and Doctor Who is a poni and...eh. Eeeeeeeeh. It's not very funny, okay. It was also very reassuring to learn that I still can't draw humans worth crap, phew. 
^ Jack Noir/the Sovereign Slayer that I drew in Paint, because I apparently felt like it. It's a re-drawing of one of Homestuck panels. Note: my aim was not to improve it, since I really like the original the way it is and I probably will put it on a T-shirt one of these days - I just wanted to draw something quick and easy enough.
^ And a little something for Sandling from FA (furaffinity.net/user/Sandling) as a "sorry I took so long on your commission" gift :c

niedziela, 15 kwietnia 2012

A belated Easter post.

I do some etching on onion-dyed eggs every Easter and give them to my closest family, for I am a terrible gift-giver like that. This is what I came up with this year:
This one ended up being a small gift for my aunt and uncle, but my dad liked it so much that he asked me to make a similair one for him. The horse looks so pissed off on it, it's hilarious:
A squirrel for my mom because her name is Basia (ha HA! Clever.): 
A couple of lemurs for my granny, of course! She's a lemur nut like me: 
And bunnies for my sister, just because:
I've also etched some fish for my brother-in-law, but I didn't manage to get a photo of them. The eggs cracked in places, anyway. I will make it up for my bro next year, hopefully.

niedziela, 18 marca 2012

WIP: coloured sketch commission for Sandling (FA)

Some progress shots:
This is not the full image, of course. The full image will be posted on my FA page once it's finished.
+ an emulation of the album cover, Seven Idiots by World's End Girlfriend, a little lemur-ified:
It will be a part of the finished image.
Edit (2nd June 2012): a detail shot
 The 'Seven Idiots' cover emulation didn't look right in the drawing, so it didn't get used in the finished version. Here it is anyway:
Ended up emulating a simpler cover album ( http://s.dsimg.com/image/R-5248-1204251622.jpeg ):
+ the pinup poster on the wall is this:
It's been fun C: