czwartek, 30 grudnia 2010

some more old stuff

Some sketches for the comic, summer 2009:
I will draw this comic someday, dammit. 

Plus, some lemurs:

 (photo reference was used)


Found some old sketches of an old character of mine when cleaning my room:
Don't really draw her anymore, but those things kinda made me want to.

niedziela, 21 listopada 2010

commission sketches (GuidedbyVoices)

Sketches I did to get comfortable with drawing GuidedbyVoices' ( sugar glider character:

I tried to make him look more slender here:

piątek, 19 listopada 2010

Some doodles I did during a sociology lecture the previous week:

And something I doodled during summer holidays, while chilling on the beach:

Fun times :)