sobota, 30 kwietnia 2011

Thesis writing would not be complete without...

...doodling mindlessly on the back of those little notes you stick between the pages of the book that you're carefully analyzing, hunting for quotations that somehow fit your topic. Yyyyeah.

I grew fond of evil parrot-power ranger- pacman- Femto-lipstick monster after the Ganishka chapters, despite disliking his design before. Why did that happen, I don't even know. Must be the grabby bird feet, they somehow made the rest of the design appealing. Still can't get his armor right, though:

And some disappointed poni:
Don't be, Applejack. I will get that third chapter done by Wednesday, I promise.

Itagi and randomness #2:

A small progress shot of a commission I'm working on right now. Ink:
And some colouring (just base shading and highlights, didn't get into detail yet):
EDIT: Some vinyl covers! 

 There are three of them, but the third one is almost entirely covered by Itagi's tail, so I kind of didn't put enough effort into it to show it off. I suck like that :C

Now some random things: I drew those in people's journals on DA, because...because. Those look funny against the dark background of this blog (PNG file and all), gotta click on each to see them properly:
And this. I started this sometime in December/January? I don't remember, but my friend was staying over for Christmas holidays, so it had to be around that time: 
Maybe gonna do something with it sometime, maybe not. Probably not. Meh.
As a bonus, because it's unusual apparently, my way of traditional inking:
I do the job twice. But that's how I roll.

poniedziałek, 25 kwietnia 2011


Some things that I didn't post anywhere for whatever reason.
First, a sketch of Itagi (who belongs to Sandling from FA) I did for practice, as I'm currently working on a full color commission of him: 
Then there's a little sketch of my friend's (Motsaenggin from FA and DA) character, Repta. Done to cheer him up C:
A little sketch done in class somewhat recently. Maybe I will colour it digitally, someday:
A sketchy anthro version of one of my old dragon characters, Taroth:
And a Berserk panel that I slapped some silly colours on, because I felt like it (the art was done by Kentaro Miura, obviously, I just butchered it with colour):

czwartek, 21 kwietnia 2011

One ugly axolotl-like dragon and some practice:

This week's lecture sketching. I didn't have my regular sketchbook with me, just my really small (A6) note/sketchbook, so those are not of a very good quality. First, the axolotl dragon, drawn during ethics lecture:

 He looks dumb. Dumb. I mean, just look at his expression. Infinite dumbness. Kinda adorable, if you ask me, but still dumb.

Then there's...well, was supposed to be Ayreon. Another failure, except this time I failed a little less, somehow. Still, this sketch is not very good, thus I will use it to practice a semi-lineless micron shading since my usual heavy lineart didn't work very well on 'The Migrator Trail':

One of those days I WILL learn how to draw humans that don't suck and I WILL draw a decent Ayreon fanart, too. 

piątek, 15 kwietnia 2011

Femto sandwiched between poni.

Some doodles from this week's lectures. Two of my favourite ponies:
A Femto sketch that I drew during the conversation class:
I want to finish him, even though I got his armor all wrong (no reference available when drawing). 
And a Fluttershy I drew for a friend who really likes her:
I can't draw Fluttershy very well.

piątek, 8 kwietnia 2011

Berserk Poni

In my defense: my brain tends to shut down on a regular basis, especially recently. So have some Guts, Caska and Griffith pony:
And another one of Griffith:
All of those were drawn during this week's lectures, because I'm such a perfect student.