niedziela, 29 lipca 2012


Done on one layer when I was feeling particularly unfabulous a few days ago:
I'm not that fond of mlp anymore, but season one Rarity is still my second favourite pony. Her voice actress is amazing haha.

poniedziałek, 16 lipca 2012

Some Homestuck fanarts progress shots?

 Shameful shipping practices, I guess?:
this one is especially embarassing omg
I also doodled up a Sn0wman some time ago (during my exam session, actually). Although I originally meant it to be a quick-ish paintery doodle, I started to have too much fun with it...creating a, uh, overdone doodle. In restrospect, I wish I made the pose more interesting but oh well. Some progress shots: 
I was simultaneously working on this as well:
But I will have to put it on hold for now in favour of commissions (hopefully!) C: