piątek, 16 grudnia 2011

WIP: coloured sketch commission for Tamurross (FA)

Some Shiro doodles, getting comfortable with drawing the character: 
 Edit (26th December 2011): some rough pose sketches, no detail, no nothing...rough-rough roughs.
Edit (31st December 2011): a refined sketch of the third pose + some progress.
Still a WIP.
Edit (17th January 2012): the cleaned up sketch + a detail shot

school doodles: zombie horses, silly emo string, etc.

niedziela, 11 grudnia 2011

a discounted sweatshirt = canvas

Got myself a cheap brown sweatshirt some time ago, so I combined it with a stencil of a giant anteater I had laying around for quite a while now (always wanted a giant anteater on a shirt or something, you see), some acrylic paints and a toothbrush, and finally decided to take some photos:
Could have been better (I messed up the stencil, unfortunately), but yay, I like how it came out anyway.
Bitchin' leopard print bedcovers, I know.