sobota, 2 czerwca 2012

A bunch of stuff!

That I "drew" during this semester:
^ A kawaii bishie Dwindlu for Motsaenggin
^ A little silly bookmark I drew for my bff back when she had to stay at the hospital :c
^ For the same bff to make her smile, maybe? You see, you see: it's funny because it's River Song and Doctor Who is a poni Eeeeeeeeh. It's not very funny, okay. It was also very reassuring to learn that I still can't draw humans worth crap, phew. 
^ Jack Noir/the Sovereign Slayer that I drew in Paint, because I apparently felt like it. It's a re-drawing of one of Homestuck panels. Note: my aim was not to improve it, since I really like the original the way it is and I probably will put it on a T-shirt one of these days - I just wanted to draw something quick and easy enough.
^ And a little something for Sandling from FA ( as a "sorry I took so long on your commission" gift :c

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