niedziela, 13 listopada 2011

WIP: Condor Shaman and his daughter (sketches)

I've been working on my part of an art trade with Gloomy Underwoods (, and I've learned that Andean Condors are...amazing creatures, yes, but also really difficult to draw. It took me forever to get their head to look semi-alright.

This is the first draft which had to be scrapped: 
And the second sketch:
I like this one better, because I intend to ink it with microns: bigger characters will allow me to play with crosshatch a bit hee. And yeah, my camera doesn't handle sketches very well: I'm putting those up just to show Gloomy some progress. I will find means to scan the finished product properly.

A bonus of sorts: some sketches I did from memory during classes before I sketched the picture for Gloomy.

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