piątek, 5 sierpnia 2011

Apollo is displeased.

My doggie, Polek, recently got his paw infected (through a very small wound that no one noticed before somehow, even though we wash his paws daily, no thanks to his thick fur) and even though it's not very serious, he has to keep it in a special dog-sock-shoe thingy for the next few days to prevent further inflammation. I was expecting him to rip it off the minute I put it on, to be honest, since that dog is known for annihilating everything that inconveniences him in any way. To my surprise, he just spent a substantial period of time simply sitting on his butt, staring at his extended paw quizically, and shaking it occasionally (it was absolutely hilarious to observe). He has some problems moving around in it, and judging from his displeased grunts I don't think his final opinion about the dog shoe is very positive, but at least he isn't trying to destroy it.

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