środa, 13 lipca 2011

practice doodles

The first two doodles done completely in ArtRage that came out looking somewhat decently:

1. Brilliant Prickle (lupinator.deviantart.com) is Fluttershy's little helper pony. Apparently!

2. Which one is more indifferent, the world may never know. Repta belongs to Mots (motsaenggin.deviantart.com):

I have some pressure issues with this tablet. I was working on a commission earlier today and everything seems fine when I use sketching tools. When I select paint, however, the pressure levels start going crazy. All strokes look as if I was pushing as hard as I can against the tablet, which is totally not true. I draw rather lightly. I don't know what's up with that- I tried messing around with settings, but nothing seems to fix the issue. Maybe I need a patch or something, idk, aaaa. It's driving me crazy.

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