czwartek, 7 lipca 2011


     Didn't really have time to draw those past two months, and on top of that- my drawing computer's system finally decided to die a few days ago. Good thing I was saving my commission progress systematically (I just didn't save my last session, which was like 3 hours of work, but it's ok...I wanted to redo those layers anyway), so that didn't really suffer. I've lost a few things, but they were mainly doodles, so not very important. Still meh, because I was planning on finishing some of them. Oh well. 

     Here's a little Rainbow Dash painting I did some time ago when I felt this sudden urge to draw a tacky pastel background (I sometimes get like that) and to practice that semi-lineless painting technique-thing. It's one of those things that I did want to finish eventually, alas, the original oC file is now gone. Maybe it's for the better because, looking at it now, I made a lot of silly mistakes that would annoy me to no end if it ever got finished. The majority of this was painted on one layer, so fixing anything would be pretty gruelling and meh:

     Since my drawing computer is kaput for the time being, I installed that new tablet I bought some time ago, along with some art programs that came with it. For some reason drawing on my laptop feels very weird, and the new tablet- which is bigger than my old one- doesn't help either. I spent the past two days messing around with it in oC (since it's the art program I feel the most comfortable with) and the only sorta decent result are those two sketches:
Corel Painter Essentials 4 was being unfriendly to me the first time I tried to mess in it (it's just too complicated for me, honestly, I will have to spend more time studying it), so I've decided to play with the second art program that came with the tablet, Art Rage:
Derp, I have no idea what I'm doing in this program, but so far it's been a lot of fun. Hope to get better with it, eventually.

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  1. Damn, any chance you will finish this Luna portrait?