czwartek, 21 kwietnia 2011

One ugly axolotl-like dragon and some practice:

This week's lecture sketching. I didn't have my regular sketchbook with me, just my really small (A6) note/sketchbook, so those are not of a very good quality. First, the axolotl dragon, drawn during ethics lecture:

 He looks dumb. Dumb. I mean, just look at his expression. Infinite dumbness. Kinda adorable, if you ask me, but still dumb.

Then there's...well, was supposed to be Ayreon. Another failure, except this time I failed a little less, somehow. Still, this sketch is not very good, thus I will use it to practice a semi-lineless micron shading since my usual heavy lineart didn't work very well on 'The Migrator Trail':

One of those days I WILL learn how to draw humans that don't suck and I WILL draw a decent Ayreon fanart, too. 

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