sobota, 30 kwietnia 2011

Itagi and randomness #2:

A small progress shot of a commission I'm working on right now. Ink:
And some colouring (just base shading and highlights, didn't get into detail yet):
EDIT: Some vinyl covers! 

 There are three of them, but the third one is almost entirely covered by Itagi's tail, so I kind of didn't put enough effort into it to show it off. I suck like that :C

Now some random things: I drew those in people's journals on DA, because...because. Those look funny against the dark background of this blog (PNG file and all), gotta click on each to see them properly:
And this. I started this sometime in December/January? I don't remember, but my friend was staying over for Christmas holidays, so it had to be around that time: 
Maybe gonna do something with it sometime, maybe not. Probably not. Meh.
As a bonus, because it's unusual apparently, my way of traditional inking:
I do the job twice. But that's how I roll.

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