czwartek, 8 września 2011


Stress levels at their max as I'm about to blow something big on Saturday. So I've decided to post some pwetty burds! Because that's what people should do when they are stressed out.

These guys have the beautifulestestest plumage. Sure, their expression screams "asshole", but dammit just look at the colours omg:

This one's colours didn't come out too good, sadly- they were much more vivid in real life. He also seemed to enjoy having his picture taken, as he barely moved when I was fussing around with my camera:

And these guys are quite possibly my favourite birds, along with kingfishers. Not because of their plumage (which is rather bland in comparison to their colleagues'), but because they make THE most adorable sound ever when you give them some grass to snack on. Just...amazing:


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