sobota, 14 maja 2011

So, this thing:

     This is just that little doodle I did during the conversation class some time ago. Despite being inaccurate as hell (drawn without reference; I still think that I managed to get pretty close to the original design, even if I managed to butcher his helmet with great success, so yay), I decided to render it with microns, if not only for some crosshatch and texture-differentation practice. That, and there's really not that many Femto fanart around, which is a shame; sure, his helmet looks like some kind of a rejected Power Rangers concept, but the organic, second-skin kinda deal he has going on with his armor is a neat concept to play with. The thing is...I looked at it today with the intention of finishing up his cape/wings, and decided that I hate it.
     The pose is boring, the anatomy is all kinds of messed up (which is the thing that makes me go crazy the most: it's such a simple pose aaaaa how do you mess up the anatomy on that), and the composition is clearly not well thought-out. While I normally would be ok with all those things-- this was supposed to be practice pic, after all-- microns cost money, and I already killed off two of them on this thing. Plus, it is drawn in my A5 sketchbook, and I find the small format very limiting in this case: I have no other choice than to work with 005 and 01 only, otherwise the lines look stupidly thick. 
     Thus, I will redraw this and make it more interesting pose/composition-wise (I hope so, at least!), on A4, and crosshatch away then. I will keep the concept, too: with the frame-background and all. It will take me a few months, but at least maybe I won't end up facepalming after looking at it when I'm finished. MAYBE.

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